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Bulletin N°65 de Mai 2010

Editorial version anglaise

2010-2015 Strategic Planning
Taking action now!

Last year, the OIQ was like a construction site whose main job was renewed strategic planning for 2010-2015. In May, the constituent bodies of the OIQ will see how these plans can be implemented. In fact, the stated objectives will be achieved by seeking new sources of financing, and the Board of Directors is committed to work hard toward that goal.

There are plenty of issues facing the OIQ and our profession. Globalization, sustainable development, infrastructure renewal, the integration of internationally trained professionals, delocalization of engineering services, climate change and – as concerns demographics – the next generation of engineers, particularly young women, are all sensitive topics that concern us greatly as professional engineers.

The strategic planning for 2010-2015 has been an ongoing operation supported by a rigorous thought process, particularly as concerns governance and professional practice that incorporates an engineer’s obligations to ethics and professional conduct. For almost a year now, allegations of presumed embezzlements made at certain members of our profession have required us to act promptly and incessantly in order to reassure the public that we are doing everything we can.

For that reason, our Strategic Planning includes plans to expand the Office of the Syndic. This initiative, already approved by the Board of Directors, is meant to meet the growing volume of investigation requests – 488 files were opened in 2009-2010 compared to 80 in 2008-2009 – and adequately meet the expectations of the public in terms of protection.

And the Ethics, Professional Conduct and Governance Action Plan is also a part of our strategic planning. This particular plan is intended to identify the nature and scope of the problems reported by the media in areas such as municipal engineering and construction, among others. The Engineers Act, whose foundations date back to the 19th century, no longer reflects the current reality of the way our profession is practiced. The review of our Act is therefore an important work in progress. The new legal and regulatory framework will provide us with a modern Act. Many steps have been taken in the last two years. In the fall, a draft will be submitted to the Office des professions du Québec, and ultimately to the National Assembly for adoption.

Public Affairs were also given a great deal of attention in our strategic planning. With 59,000 members, the OIQ must use its well-informed positions to become known and recognized as a primary actor in the wellbeing and development of our society. As a result, the OIQ intends to step up its public and political activities.

My colleagues on the Executive Committee, in cooperation with the members of the Board of Directors, have brilliantly met the challenge and spared no effort or enthusiasm in preparing for this exercise, with the active participation of managers and staff at the OIQ. This kind of thought process requires an open and forward-thinking mind. Everyone convincingly demonstrated these abilities.

In conclusion, I invite you to Gatineau on June 10 and 11 for the annual conference of the OIQ. This year, the chosen theme is Computer Science and Engineers. Whether you use computers for general purposes or are design experts, administrators or project and network managers, all participants will come away from the conference more knowledgeable!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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