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Bulletin N°99 - février 2013

Editorial version anglaise

PLAN celebrates fifty years!

The magazine you hold in your hands is celebrating its 50th birthday! Half a century is not too bad for a Québec publication. Like many members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, I had not yet been born in 1963, and the first Engineers Act, which made the title of engineer a reserved title, had not yet been created.

For this special occasion, the magazine’s graphic design has been given a makeover, and I hope you like the new, cleaner look.

The design of this special issue is not the only noteworthy feature, its content is too. In fact, to properly mark this important milestone, the magazine's team collected testimonials from a group of four engineers who have been OIQ members for at least fifty years. These testimonials by seasoned engineers are in turn complemented by several others, which all look back on the way Québec engineering has evolved in step with the changing needs of society.

Technological progress, the emergence of engineering in French, greater awareness of the professional status of engineers, the diversification and specialization of the profession, globalization and the exportation of Québec's know-how, growing concern for the sustainable development and social acceptance of projects: PLAN magazine has explored all of these aspects of engineering development over the years, and this issue’s pages will give you a chance to relive them in much less time.

I should also mention PLAN’s brilliant coverage of current issues and future prospects, including the assistance and integration of foreign-trained professionals, ethical and professionalism challenges, the modernization of the Engineers Act and the regulation respecting continuing education, which allows engineers to stay informed of developments in knowledge and technology.

Finally, PLAN has also distinguished itself many times over in its coverage of outstanding achievements and noteworthy events in Québec: the design and construction of the large dams, Montreal's metro system, the ice storm, the Saguenay flood, etc.

In short, PLAN magazine has had a front row seat to the various developments in Québec engineering and, just like the entire OIQ, it has tracked these developments for the benefit of all OIQ members.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the entire group of professionals who have made PLAN magazine what it is today. This group includes the Communication and Public Affairs Department’s team, as well as other permanent staff of the OIQ and external collaborators.

Special thanks also goes out to the hundreds of OIQ members who have agreed to share their knowledge, experience and points of view with all OIQ members in one or more issues of PLAN in the last fifty years.

Congratulations to all and long live PLAN!

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